Hey, I'm Hannah, a Chinese-American designer based in the Bay Area. My work so far centers mainly on visual & product design, but I also have a keen interest in motion, both conventional and generative art, and data-visualization.

I previously worked at Terraformation and NOVID, on projects like these:

To me, good design is clean, intuitive, and satisfying, and great design both embodies and celebrates its purpose. As a designer, I'm meticulous (I've been told I have "eagle eyes" ), and always aim to optimize both form and function—I don't like compromising on either of them. Having worked at multiple startups, I'm comfortable with fast-paced projects that benefit from a diverse skillset.

Outside of design, you'll find me enjoying concerts, trying to befriend every cat I see, taking walks, and curating playlists, inspiration, and little things. If you want to stay connected, reach out: